The Basketball Diaries (Part II)

Hello Hello! 

C here again...apologizes, J has been busay!  But stay tuned and he will be posting again soon :) 

This is Part II of Basketball Diaries...did you miss the first one?  Catch it here: Part I

Anyhow, we were terrible food bloggers yesterday night.  We made it to LA around 4 or so in the afternoon.  The game wasn't going to start until 7 so J drove us to this place called Space 15 Twenty, the place is owned by the Urban Outfitters brand.  It has trendy and pricey "Thrift Stores" such as What Goes Around Comes Around, Free People, Hennessey + Ingalls, LAXART ANNEX, and a the famous burger joint Umami Burger

We went into all the stores, I tried on a $300 vintage skirt at What Goes was absolutely gorgeous, but my bank account isn't in the business of $300 skirts if you know what I mean ;) 

I did find an amazing pair of pants at Free People though...on sale and fit me perfectly!  J bought them for me to wear for an upcoming exciting interview I'm going to (details to come when more happens).  Thank you J!!!  

After our little shopping escapade our tummies were hungry, but it was about 6.  We put our names down at Umami, but the wait was going to be an hour long!  They are THAT popular, so sadly it was a no go for us.  

Instead, we hit up our "ush" LA burger spot, The Veggie Grill in West Hollywood.   J ordered the "All Hail Kale" on Kale and I ordered their famous "Grillin' Chickin," one of their most famous burgers.  Our burgers came in a jiffy and we took them on the road...eating in the car on the way to the Staples Center.  We are classy like that ;) When we got in the parking structure, I spotted a fitness dvd on a pole and joked to J that he should pick it up (since he's real fitness-y).  Turns out it was a brand new copy of LA Lakers Andrew Bynum's Fitness DVD.  Who would just randomly leave a brand new dvd in a parking structure?  Is this a promotion?  Who knows, it is West Hollywood and those people be banking.  So we swooped up the dvd and heading on our way! 

The pictures weren't very good, seeing as it was pitch dark outside and we were in a moving car.  This was my sammy, J's was too dark to photograph.  It was sooooo good, it tasted exactly like Chicken.  Even better than chicken, I am amazed by what people can do with Seitan.  J thoroughly enjoyed his sammy too! 

Then we go to the game and met up with J's coworker and his buds.

The game was pretty great!  The Clippers lost, but we just wanted to see Blake Griffin!  And did we, he dunked on dunked the competitors.  J spent the majority of the time booing the Celtics, who he hates with a passion!

I hope you guys enjoyed our basketball adventures!  There will be more to come ;)

Hope you guys are enjoying the day!  Hopefully, J will be posting next.  Until then!


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