Greens that be Tender

What is the perfect meal after pilates?  Something light and airy of course...Tender Greens is the place to go after a good light workout.  J and I hit this place up after our Groupon Pilates sesh on Friday.  It reminds me of Veggie Grill.  You stand in line and wait for your order after it's placed, they make it right away.  

I ordered a simple salad with tuna and mashed potatoes.

J ordered a tomato soup side and the "Salad in the Raw."

Every dish was light, prepared nicely and it hit the spot.  Absolutely perfect for an after workout meal.

They also had a lovely selection of desserts.  We were going to see Gnomeo & Juliet afterwards, so we bought a Chocolate Chip cookie for J and a Blondie for me to sneak in ;)  

It was a great night; healthy, light, and fun!  What more can you ask of a Friday?  Instead of alcohol and partying we choose health and company :) 

Hope yours was as lovely!

Until next time! 


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