The Basketball Diaries (Part I)


Wassup?  Did you guys enjoy reading J's super super long blog post?  Did you even finish reading it?  If you didn't read Part 1 & Part 2.   What a great time.  Basketball & Food our two favorite things!  And much to your delight the basketball + food adventure continues!  We just attended the SDSU vs.  BYU game!  What a blast - even if we lost :( - the school spirit was insane in the stadium!  

The line of people waiting to get in, I had to campout for tickets.  It was THAT serious of a game! 

School spirit at it's best...J and I didn't like the offensive costumes though.  Kill them with kindness, not meanness :( boooo!

The game was fun!  The final score was 80-67 :(  They killed us, but hey it's about the experience...right?  Right?!

Afterwards, we stopped by THE DOGHOUSE, the doghouse is a little stand that opened up right by my dorms.  They sell organic coffees (from Calabria), hot dogs, vegan hotdogs, and snacky snacks!  Really cute and they have a great staff too!  They gave J a free coffee because they ran out of their Vegan hotdogs.   J got the Louisiana Hot Link and I got the Tofurky Bratwurst.  They gave J a packet of cream cheese too because apparently it's amazaballs with the hot dog.  And he agreed, it was!  They also had a plethora of sauces.  So good, I also put some ramen flakes in my hotdog.  Yum yum yum!

A perfect lunch for after the game!  We are now off to LA for the Clippers vs. Boston game!  GOOOOO CLIPPERS!!!!  We hate the Boston Celtics.  We're more of LA Lakers game but hey, gotta do you're best with with you're given.  

Hope you guys are having a lovely Saturday!


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