The S's

Hello hello,

C here!  I hope you guys are having a lovely FRYDAY :) Today, is officially the start of my spring break.  Ironically, I'm still at the school library.  But trust, there will be more posting and adventures soon!  My week has been up and down...up: I did well on my business class midterm & super up is that I got an internship yesterday!  It's going to be at a nonprofit that I very much admire...I'm so very excited. I can't wait to learn about my future job (I want to work in the non-profit sector).  Exciting stuff!    Another plus, I got to Skype with one of my closest friends in Texas!  I haven't talked to her since Winter Break.  It was lovely to have some girl time :) 

Downs have been SDSU losing to UConn yesterday :( another down has been that I've been super emotional this past week.  Which definitely wasn't good because it has been packed and high intensity. 

Anyways, hopefully this week off will give me perspective and a breath of fresh air.  If you guys are wondering where J's been seeing as I've been posting a lot more often...J has been VERY busy.  I've been at his office the past few days and he's been working until 2 in the morning.  I bet you guys wish he could blog more and so do I and so does him!  But sometimes life gets in the way...or in his case work ;) 

But, let's not get the grim stop us from sharing our time last weekend!  Let's start with the first "S": Saturday!

 It was a great weekend, Saturday was rainy so we just stayed at the office and worked on the blog and watched The Town. It was really good, kind of depressing but we both thought it was great!  Saturday night we headed over to this sports bar (I never remember the name of this place) that is right outside the Hyatt in downtown San Diego to watch the Shogun Rua vs. Jon Jones UFC fight.  J loves watching the big name fights and he's also sparred with Jon Jones a year and a half ago when he was traveling in Montreal.  So that was pretty cool to watch, J introduced me the sport and now I enjoy watching it too.  

While we watched the fights and the various NCAA basketball games that were going on we noshed on these: 

I call this Weekend HEAVEN...I haven't gotten my chips fix in so long ;)  The nachos were covered in buffalo wing sauce, cheese, olives, guac, sour cream, and fresh peppers (I prefer the canned jalapenos) but hey it was pretty darn tasty!

Afterwards we went to Lestat's.  Pictures from that can be found on our tumblr :)  We worked on the blog and another project that we'll talk about when time comes.  After that we called it a night.

Next was the second "S": Sunday!

It was a somewhat uneventful Sunday, we ran errands and went to grocery shopping!  One of my favorite things to do, I think.

We hit up this local health store right by my school.  Windmill Farms is a family operated store with tons of healthy goodies inside.

They always have cheap fresh fruit!  A lot of them are organic too.  Anyhow, I was immediately drawn to their gluten-free section...I've been vying for a piece of blueberry pie!  But they had tons of gluten free goodies.

J especially wants to try these Andrean Dream cookies!  We had yet to purchase it though, hopefully it will be a purchase in our next shopping adventure.

J stocked up on the essentials while I was dreaming of a sandwich.  So we picked one up! :)  Windmill Farms makes delicious sammys that are CHEAP. Plus, they have a punch card,  I love places that have punch cards!

I got the vegetarian sandwich with swiss, sprouted bread, tomatoes, peppercinis, double mustard, avocado, pickles, and onions.  It was only $3.99!  I made it into two meals (lunch for Sunday, then the other half for Monday's lunch). 

I had it with a side of orange and J mixed me a Vitamineral Green drink with lemon added :)  It was delicious!

You guys probably also noticed that we have a new banner!  I did that :)  It took me a few hours, but I enjoyed every minute of it.

And that was basically our weekend!  This weekend should be laid back - but hey, you never know the shenanigans we get into :)

Have a lovely Friday!

Until then,


Getting Naked

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Don't be fooled by the title, we are all fully clothed!  What I'm talking about is Naked Pizza.  This pizza joint is our new go to pizza after Pizza Fusion, the best pizza in San Diego (in CJ's opinion) closed down :( Come back Pizza Fusion!!!  We miss you and your garlic breads of deliciousness.  We miss your awesome waiters and owner.   

It's still a raw subject in our books and we are still waiting for the day that another pizza place similar to PF will open up.  But, until then we decided we have to get our pizza fix somehow.  Down the street from where Pizza Fusion use to be is another joint, the Naked Pizza joint.  If you guys aren't familiar with this pizza place, they have probiotics in their crust...baked in their pizza.  It's like eating yogurt but not.  I'm not sure if the stuff works, but hey it's pretty good!  We got half Mediterranean & half superbiotic on Gluten-Free crust.   

We also got the breadsticks (not Gluten-Free)'s quite different from Pizza Fusion's's more like another pizza.  But hey still pretty tasty!

I had a Groupon but turns out we only saved about $4 dollars...I think it's because Groupons have added tips to their price...not positive though.

Anyhow, we picked up our pizzas and headed to the "Boost" to eat and watch the movie, Flipped that we picked up on Redbox.  I thought the movie was adorable!  It's based on a Young Adult book, I read when I was younger.  J liked it, but not as much as me...he's very critical with this movies.  It has to be on MacGruber level...or The Other Guys level ;) haha, in any case it was a good lighthearted Friday night!

This is how we roll,  I love these kinds of Friday nights!

I hope you guys all have lovely ones as well.


Pass The Chips, Please!

Healthy Vegetarian Mexican Food that tastes like authentic Mexican food is what we are talk about today.  It can be done!  

It's from a little place we like to call Ranchos!  This is only the 2nd time I've had Ranchos, the first time we ordered to-go and J was moving and then he had an allergic reaction and fell asleep on the couch...but that's a story for another day.  This Ranchos visit was less an exciting story but hey, the food was still delicious.  I had gotten a Groupon for it, so we hit it up last Friday before watching the movie, Inside Job at the Landmark Theatre.  They were packed on a Friday night!  As they should be ;)

We were sitted quickly and served with complimentary chips and of the best chips and salsas I've had in San Diego.  The chips are superb, perfectly thin & crisp.  They keep coming once you devour them all...which did happen to us...twice :D 

Ranchos has a bit of an obsession with Frida Kahlo...her pictures are all over the walls.  It's kind of cool in a kitschy weird way.

I ordered the seafood faijitas, gotta get some protein in me.  It was delicious, needed a little salt and pepper but was good after!  They came with whole wheat tortillas (you have to say you want whole wheat when you order). 

J ordered a Salmon dish...I'm not quite positive on the name, but it came out looking like this.

Unwrapped was a fishy treasure!  He liked it a lot, I liked it a lot too, it had a soy almost tasted like it belonged in an Asian restaurant.  

It was a delicious meal, quite affordable, and the chips/salsa man was adorable.  Look for him if you ever go.  He was my favorite part of the experience!

I think you tell...I really like this place!

I need my Mexican fix...I mean I am from Texas and now I'm in the land that breeds fish tacos like it's no problem.  It's in my blood, man.

Do you guys enjoy Mexican food as much as CJ does?

- C


No Food...just Photos & Adventures

Judging by the amount of food we eat, you must wonder what we do in our spare time?  I mean, we are in phenomenal shape.  Well this is just a sneak peek into our lives outside food...& basketball (well, actually there's some basketball photos in there, hey that's just how we live :] ).  Enjoy!  All of these were taken on 35mm film, throughout San Diego and Los Angeles.  

Looking at some of these photos makes me fall in love with California all over again.  Fall in love with San Diego.  There's no place I would rather be!

 I hope everyone feels the same about the town they are living in, if not it's time to seek where you would feel this way.

In the words of Billy Idol, "If your world doesn’t allow you to dream, move to one where you can."



The Rant on Grilled Cheesus

Howdy Y'all, 

How are you guys doing?  It's C again, J should be back shortly.  His business is booming and he hasn't had time to post yet.  I hope I can do him some justice.  Anyhow, here's what's up.  We recently hit up one of my ALL-TIME favorite restaurants in San Diego called Urban Solace.  I've only ever tried two things there and I will never change.  I'll tell you about that more in a second.  Anyhow, so this past Sunday we ventured to try their Bluegrass Brunch.  They have a different menu during Sunday Brunch and their patio has actual Bluegrass bands playing.  It's fabulous.  

While J was contemplating what he was going to order (he was going to order their Salmon Benny, but it's pretty pricy for just brunch time).  I already knew what I was going to order.  Back to my story of why Urban Solace is one of my favorite restaurants of ALL-TIME:  they have the best grilled cheesus known to man.

For 9.5 bucks you get a huge sandwich, fries, and an amazing tomato basil soup in a cute jar.  I do you beat that?  Their fries aren't my favorite but I love fries, what can you do.  I heard they use to have Sweet Potatoes fries but since SP haven't been in their prime shape they had to switch back.

Anyhow, J ordered the Belly Benny...he thoroughly enjoyed it, but admitted the infamous grilled cheesus is still his favorite dish on the menu.

What a cute brunch!  I love this place and their brunch.  I've been eyeing the Bowl o' next time I go to brunch here I might try that.  MIGHT.  I can't keep my eyes off the grilled cheese.  It's that good.

If you're in San Diego and looking for a comfort food place with a modern twist.  This is a must.

They have rave reviews on Yelp!

I hope everyone's hometown has as good grilled sandwich.  You don't know what you're missing out on if you don't.  If only their was a vegan gluten-free version....I would be at that place 24/7!!!

Until next time!

- C