Getting Naked

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Don't be fooled by the title, we are all fully clothed!  What I'm talking about is Naked Pizza.  This pizza joint is our new go to pizza after Pizza Fusion, the best pizza in San Diego (in CJ's opinion) closed down :( Come back Pizza Fusion!!!  We miss you and your garlic breads of deliciousness.  We miss your awesome waiters and owner.   

It's still a raw subject in our books and we are still waiting for the day that another pizza place similar to PF will open up.  But, until then we decided we have to get our pizza fix somehow.  Down the street from where Pizza Fusion use to be is another joint, the Naked Pizza joint.  If you guys aren't familiar with this pizza place, they have probiotics in their crust...baked in their pizza.  It's like eating yogurt but not.  I'm not sure if the stuff works, but hey it's pretty good!  We got half Mediterranean & half superbiotic on Gluten-Free crust.   

We also got the breadsticks (not Gluten-Free)'s quite different from Pizza Fusion's's more like another pizza.  But hey still pretty tasty!

I had a Groupon but turns out we only saved about $4 dollars...I think it's because Groupons have added tips to their price...not positive though.

Anyhow, we picked up our pizzas and headed to the "Boost" to eat and watch the movie, Flipped that we picked up on Redbox.  I thought the movie was adorable!  It's based on a Young Adult book, I read when I was younger.  J liked it, but not as much as me...he's very critical with this movies.  It has to be on MacGruber level...or The Other Guys level ;) haha, in any case it was a good lighthearted Friday night!

This is how we roll,  I love these kinds of Friday nights!

I hope you guys all have lovely ones as well.

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