Pass The Chips, Please!

Healthy Vegetarian Mexican Food that tastes like authentic Mexican food is what we are talk about today.  It can be done!  

It's from a little place we like to call Ranchos!  This is only the 2nd time I've had Ranchos, the first time we ordered to-go and J was moving and then he had an allergic reaction and fell asleep on the couch...but that's a story for another day.  This Ranchos visit was less an exciting story but hey, the food was still delicious.  I had gotten a Groupon for it, so we hit it up last Friday before watching the movie, Inside Job at the Landmark Theatre.  They were packed on a Friday night!  As they should be ;)

We were sitted quickly and served with complimentary chips and of the best chips and salsas I've had in San Diego.  The chips are superb, perfectly thin & crisp.  They keep coming once you devour them all...which did happen to us...twice :D 

Ranchos has a bit of an obsession with Frida Kahlo...her pictures are all over the walls.  It's kind of cool in a kitschy weird way.

I ordered the seafood faijitas, gotta get some protein in me.  It was delicious, needed a little salt and pepper but was good after!  They came with whole wheat tortillas (you have to say you want whole wheat when you order). 

J ordered a Salmon dish...I'm not quite positive on the name, but it came out looking like this.

Unwrapped was a fishy treasure!  He liked it a lot, I liked it a lot too, it had a soy almost tasted like it belonged in an Asian restaurant.  

It was a delicious meal, quite affordable, and the chips/salsa man was adorable.  Look for him if you ever go.  He was my favorite part of the experience!

I think you tell...I really like this place!

I need my Mexican fix...I mean I am from Texas and now I'm in the land that breeds fish tacos like it's no problem.  It's in my blood, man.

Do you guys enjoy Mexican food as much as CJ does?

- C

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