Football + The South

Hello hello, 

I hope y'all are having a lovely Friday.  TGIF, yes?  Well let's get right to it then, I have some football to sit through (I much prefer basketball), but hey I'm a southern (California) girl at heart so I just gotta do it. The big sis goes to A&M so I gotta root for them.  Anyone else watching the Cotton Bowl tonight?  I heard tailgating started at 8 this morning.  Nothing like a good beer in the morn, 

My recent eats...

Yesterday I had lunch at Tandoor, I had never been there before but there were good reviews on Yelp...and to say the least I left disappointed.  Maybe I'm just biased after eating the goodness that is India Palace?  But the lunch buffet was mediocre & luke warm. A plus was the cherry lollipop though :) 

Dinner yesterday was a salad (avocado, Hickory Farm smoked cheddar, mixed greens, and tomatoes) and a baked sweet potato sprinkled with sea salt and peppa + nuked broc on the side.  It twas delicious! 

I'm off to make dinner for today and eat some game watching snacks!  <---I'm more excited about this than the game ;) 

Fried pickles anyone?  Yum yum....*heart attack*

Have a great night! And Gig 'Em...I guess. 



Oh, hello there.

I know I'm tardy to the party but welcome to 2011!  Work has been great and busy.  No excuse not to put good nutrients in the bahdy so I've been mix-matching a bunch of veggies.

Tofu with green beans, mushrooms and onions - all on top of gai-lan greens.  I used a separate mixing bowl for the sauce on here: Braggs liquid aminos, a tsp of TJ almond butter, red chili flakes, and sriracha.  Diluted with a bit of water since the original mixture was too thick; more like a satay than a sauce.

Today's lunch was some carrots, cucumbers, and a handful of shrimp in some veggie stock.  Nuked for about 2 mins, the carrots were a bit crunchy but they sweetened the stock pretty well.  I had a handful of cashews on the side too since this didn't fill me up.

I feel like man vs. microwave but overall, I feel I am getting the better end of this battle.




1.1.2011 (It's a start to a decade!)

I got my daily email from The Daily Love and this was my favorite quote from today's email:

"For last year's words belong to last year's language and next year's words await another voice." - T.S Eliot

I always viewed holidays as just another day, but this year feels different.  Instead of my usual loneliness I feel on New Years last night I felt excited to see what 2011 holds. 

My resolutions for this year are: 
  • To do more active activities (especially outside) [a step closer to accomplishing that today by purchasing this Groupon]
  • To drink more water 
  • To speak more to God than to constantly ask something of him (pray)
  • Be a better friend to J (because he's the best!)
  • & to continue good grades in college
I ended 2010 at home, reading my 2011 Astrology, and popping these...instead of popping bubbly! 

I had good rest and woke up and had a delicious healthy breakfast to start the new year

Fage yogurt, unsweetened coconut flakes, blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries, sprinkled with organic agave nectar. 

My parents popped the bubbly for breakfast because they were to sleepy last night :) 

Now I'm relaxing, thinking about reading (I'm currently reading The Last first girl book ever I think), and I'm going to chop shop with J in a bit during his drive back to LA. 

Happy New Years Everyone!  A wonderful year lies ahead!  In J's words, "Trust."