Oh, hello there.

I know I'm tardy to the party but welcome to 2011!  Work has been great and busy.  No excuse not to put good nutrients in the bahdy so I've been mix-matching a bunch of veggies.

Tofu with green beans, mushrooms and onions - all on top of gai-lan greens.  I used a separate mixing bowl for the sauce on here: Braggs liquid aminos, a tsp of TJ almond butter, red chili flakes, and sriracha.  Diluted with a bit of water since the original mixture was too thick; more like a satay than a sauce.

Today's lunch was some carrots, cucumbers, and a handful of shrimp in some veggie stock.  Nuked for about 2 mins, the carrots were a bit crunchy but they sweetened the stock pretty well.  I had a handful of cashews on the side too since this didn't fill me up.

I feel like man vs. microwave but overall, I feel I am getting the better end of this battle.


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  1. Looks like you're on an asian kick lately! Yum yum yum :)