Football + The South

Hello hello, 

I hope y'all are having a lovely Friday.  TGIF, yes?  Well let's get right to it then, I have some football to sit through (I much prefer basketball), but hey I'm a southern (California) girl at heart so I just gotta do it. The big sis goes to A&M so I gotta root for them.  Anyone else watching the Cotton Bowl tonight?  I heard tailgating started at 8 this morning.  Nothing like a good beer in the morn, 

My recent eats...

Yesterday I had lunch at Tandoor, I had never been there before but there were good reviews on Yelp...and to say the least I left disappointed.  Maybe I'm just biased after eating the goodness that is India Palace?  But the lunch buffet was mediocre & luke warm. A plus was the cherry lollipop though :) 

Dinner yesterday was a salad (avocado, Hickory Farm smoked cheddar, mixed greens, and tomatoes) and a baked sweet potato sprinkled with sea salt and peppa + nuked broc on the side.  It twas delicious! 

I'm off to make dinner for today and eat some game watching snacks!  <---I'm more excited about this than the game ;) 

Fried pickles anyone?  Yum yum....*heart attack*

Have a great night! And Gig 'Em...I guess. 


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