A Tribe Called West (Part 2)

A continuation of our most recent trip to LA.  Read Part 1 first.  

C and I actually planned on attending the NBA All-Star Game itself but a certain someone was an hour late after the tickets were released and it was sold-out before tickets could be purchased.  I'm sure that certain someone was very sorry and just very busy.  :-|

Nevertheless, we still hit up the NBA Jam Session!  C saw Dirk........'s jersey.........painted on a wall.  So close to the real thing!  The NBA.  It's PHAN-tastic! 

 Jordan still rules.  

 Me and Pau Gasol are boys.  Here's me putting my arm on Pau.  It's ok...we're boys.  C is somewhere here too...I think...
Just chilling at Pau's locker.  We're boys, it's ok. 
 Rubbing Pau's belly.  We're boys, it's ok.  
This kid won an epic shootout.  He was definitely the crowd-favorite and the announcer's favorite as well.  "I'm not saying you're my favorite.  I'm just saying I like you best."  

 After the NBA Jam Session, C and I drove to watch the game.  We were denied at the Wing Stop since they only serve ages 21+, but with quick thinking, we remembered there was a sports bar & grill next to the Veggie Grill in El Segundo.  I remembered it looking family-friendly...

...BINGO!  The Counter in El Segundo is an incredible place.  Aside from being well-staffed, there wasn't many people there.  C and I made our way to the counter (of The Counter, hehe) and made ourselves at home  
 The Counter specializes in custom-built burgers.  Such a fun concept!  Great topping options and a wide variety of specials.  After we placed our burger orders, we started with the fried pickles.  C was pumped they were on the menu but they came out not as good as expected.  A bit too soggy says the Southern girl.  
 The burgers on the other hand.  Oh. Em. Gee.  Amazing.  Here's C's turkey burger with a dollop of goat cheese.  Whole wheat bun, toasted perfectly.  
I opted for a 1/2 patty and went sans bun.  Topped it with pineapples for some digestive support.  The meal was incredible. 

As was the game, since the West won and hometown player Kobe Bryant earned the game's Most Valuable Player award.  The perfect cap to the most valuable day!  


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