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I know what you guys are thinking, it's C posting again.  Yeah, I'm sorry I'm not the one that makes ultra funny puns or posts videos of Bruce Lee up...but, give me a break I'm obviously the more "serious" of the two of us.  I kid I kid.  J has been working up a STORM...hypothetically of course, but yes to the readers disappoint you guys will have to endure another post by yours truly.  C & J have been doing real well though, getting lots of work done (school for me), keeping our bodies healthy and happy!  On the subject of healthy, I'm currently at J's work and  he just fed me a greens drink.  It always happens and I'll never tell him this but I think I'm actually getting the hang of the might even be ENJOYABLE.  Say What?!?!  *shhh...don't tell J* he'll start to feed me more of it...well probably not that S@?! is expensive!  Okay, enough gibber jabber let's get to the food.  This is the long awaited Chinese New Years post!  YEEEEE!!!!  As stated appropriately in my title (entitled CARROTS!). 

So last week (Thursday to be precise) J and I went to Mission Bay, it's a nice little park/lake that people come to exercise at.  We jogged/speed walked/exercised about 6 miles in 3 hours.  It was really fun, I even got to swing!  And conquered three handles on the monkey bars (childhood fear).  I would say it was a success!  J could basically do it all, he's an ANIMAL. Compared to my human strength, of course.  Anyhow, after 3 hours I was pooped and wanted food.  J could have kept going but he was nice enough to say he was "tired" too and sat in J's car while using Yelp! Mobile to help us find a Chinese Restaurant (to celebrate Chinese New Years).  Sadly, as much big of fans we are of didn't help us!  ARGGGHHH.  So we decided to "cruise" around and see what places looked good.  We hit up Asian central in San Diego which goes by the name of Clairemont and found Chinese food heaven (it goes by the name of China Max Seafood Restaurant).

Just try to ignore J in the corner, he's just a trouble maker ;) So we hightailed it inside the restaurant where we saw this:

FULL HOUSE.  PACKED.  I mean, it's not surprise seeing as it was the first day of Chinese New Years.  And the restaurant is well known, even featured in the ZAGAT.

Wait time was about 10-15 minutes, not to bad.  I spent my time enjoying the Chinese newspapers (none of which I could read).  After the wait we were seated and handed 3 menus.  Yes, I said three!  Two of their menus were regular everyday menus but the third was the special Chinese New Years menu.

I'm guessing these are specialties that aren't served year round (J would probably say "oh really, is that what they mean by specials? Durr").  Anyhow, some of the prices were off the chain!

Good thing it was only us two or else we would be forking over a nice bill.  Anyhow, we ordered a Chicken Soup with Ginseng for our appetizer (for health), Honey Walnut Shrimp (a specialty and we ordered that for prosperity) & the Bean Curd Tofu with Greens (we ordered that because you just gotta do it). 

Our food came out so fast, I mean I knew they were a Chinese restaurant but wowza!  It looked sooo good especially since we were starving! 

We both ate this..times 3!  I fell in love with the Honey Walnut Shrimp (J's favorite dish since a kid)...I've never had it before and it was DELICIOUS.  So so simple and perfectly executed.  Everything was excellent...oh and there was complimentary oolong tea with the meal too.

Even after having 3 bowl full of this food, we still had leftovers to take home!  Amazaballs.  Oh and the check came with cute orange slices and the usual fortune cookies! 

And even fortune cookie makers know how much J and I are alike because we ended up with exact same fortune!  How does that even happen?! 

It was pretty awesome, just sayin'.  And also the ultimate proof that we are the same person (interchangeably). 

Such a delicious meal and surely a beginning to wonderful and PROSPEROUS new year!  To you and us both!  Xin nian kuai le!  Chuc Mung Nam Moi!


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