An Ethiopian Adventure

If you guys haven't tried Ethiopian food have to...NOW!  Just go find a restaurant right now and go.  This was my first time trying Ethiopian food and I can say I've been missing out.  How did I live my life without this delicious food?!  Let's start from the beginning.  

The other day J and I went out to dinner on a Thursday, to catch up and spend some time together; seeing as our schedule has been so hectic.  I looked up some Ethopian places we could try on Yelp and Asmara's popped up with raving reviews. 

Another plus to the restaurant?  They play basketball games!  The Mavericks (my ALL TIME FAVORITE TEAM EVER) was playing!  So that kept us distracted after we ordered our food. 

I got the Veggie Sampler's huge and comes out on a Ethiopian specialty bread.  Delicious!  I loved the picked cabbage and the lentils...and the spinach.  I love it all! 

J got the Beef was delicious.  I don't even like meat that much and I thought it was amazing.  I'll probably be ordering this next time, because their will be a next time! 

I loved the whole experience and the lack of silverware.  It was so much fun and the service was so good!  

Getting out and trying new foods is one of the funnest and best things about adventures.  

I hope you guys are having a lovely day! 


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