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Long time no see friends, there's been many fun times with J that's been going down since I've been back from TX.  It's nice to be back in Saint Diegooooo...seeing as we are enjoying 60 degree weather and my hometown is currently suffering through 17 degree weather.  Kind of sucks for the Superbowl fans that are flying in this weekend, but let's not dwell on the bad things in life ;)

Well I'm back in the swing of things, doing the school thang, getting my business knowledge on.  I've been enjoying my classes thus far and have been exercising + eating healthifully!  I already feel loads better health-wise since December.  Anyhow, let's get down to the eats of things.

On Wednesday J and I decided to use one of his giftcard things (we haven't been able to use any of them since we eat dinner "too late" compared to normal isn't our fault we have busy lives, is it?!).  Well we finally ate at a decent dinner time and hit up Chopahn, an upscale Afghan restaurant located in downtown SD.  I had never had Afghan food before so it was a first!

The menu was short and simple, just two pages filled with options for the meat eaters (Beef, Lamb, Seafood) and for the Vegetarians.  My eyes fell on the "Veggie Platter."  J ordered the Seafood Kabobs...quite different from his usual Salmon dish, don't cha think ;) hehe.

We ordered Bulanee as our appetizers...leek, spring onions, and herbs inside a turnover with a yogurt and house dipping sauce.  It was delicious.  J loved it with the yogurt dip.

My veggie platter, it was huge.  And it was a perfect sampling of the other vegetarian dishes without going overboard.  It was amazingly flavorful, the only thing I didn't like much was the flatbread.  I thought it was bland but everything else was delicious.

J's Seafood Kabob plate, shrimp and salmon plus wonderful veggies.  I had a piece of both the shrimp and salmon and they were divine.  Perfectly cooked and seasoned!  I'm pretty sure he loved it.

We also had a side of Gulpi, which is cauliflower cooked with onions and tomatoes.  It was really good, but I think we were too stuffed to enjoy it fully.  I took it back to my dorm and ate it for lunch today...definitely enjoyed it a lot more today :)

The dinner was great and really just great to be able to catch up with J; we always have a good time!  After dinner we ran by Henry's to grab some vitamins for J and ice cream for dessert.  We headed to J's office so I could study for my Statistics quiz and eat our ice cream...durrr

J made me a "green's drink" super healthy...taste not so satisfying if you get my drift.  We had Almond Dream ice cream (blueberries were folded in), we've never had Almond Dream ice cream either so that was another FIRST.

J also fed me some vitamins (green tea capsules, garlic pill, and something else) good thing I trust him or else he could have poisoned me :O haha...I kid I kid.  I'm too cute to be poisoned ;)

We also had a photo op in the office's kitchen..."you gotta do it!!!"  Don't we look ADORBS?!  You know you agree.  

Well I think I'm done for today, check back soon for our Chinese New Year's post.  Yeowzaaa did we eat like CHAMPIONS!!! 


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