That's Messed Up!

Happy New Year's Eve Peeps!  What an amazing year 2010 has been.  This time last year, C didn't know that was accepted into school in SD - now, she's calling shots like E.T. calls home!  2011 will surely be even more awesome!

I've been fairly preoccupied at work this week (we have two campaigns launching by, oh, tonight) so I've been doing what I call "mess-ups" where I take things in the fridge and mess them up together in an edible arrangement.  Here's Wednesday's lunch.

1/4 sweet potato, 1/4 yam, half a can of sliced beets, some broccoli, some leftover turkey breast, topped with a dollop of apple sauce, some cilantro, and a 1/4 cup of messed-up sauce I made from Fage Yogurt, 1/4 avocado, mint cilantro, and a tbsp of dijon mustard.

Here's yesterday's lunch:

Much the same except I topped it with half a granny apple.  The local market has it on sale for 3lbs for a $1!

Last night I went out for some pizza at a joint downtown for my friend's birthday.  No pics (too dark) but believe you me, it was yummy.

This morning, three coworkers and I decided to grab some breakfast on the way to work.  We stopped in Barrio Logan for an old-school Mexican food joint called Las Cuatros Milpas.  It's deep in the inner city - people are well-advised to stay away from there when it's dark (seriously) - but the line forms outside from the time it opens.  Short line today!

It's a family-owned and operated spot since 1935!  The family still lives upstairs and hand-makes tortillas and they are the best tortillas in town, hands-down!  See, I'm so stoked, I rhymed those words and didn't even intend to - so you know I'm serious!

They move you along pretty quick - it feels like the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld - but the family is super nice.  Everyone sits in a communal setting with picnic tables.  No frills which was fine with us since we need to get to work.  

Here's my feed: 

A small bowl of chorizo and rice (comes with the best flour tortilla in the world), and two tacos with my share of hot sauce.  Washed down with a diet pepsi (because I'm not an animal).  The food was amazing and all this for five bucks!  BTW, everything is fried in lard so you may not want to make it an everyday type-thing.  Just a suggestion...

So who has two thumbs and needs to get back to work?  This guy!  :)

Happy New Years everyone!


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  1. *Gasp* you ate at a pizza joint that wasn't Pizzaaaa Fusion or Zia's! I'm appalled :0 hehe.

    Mmm lard! Now this is what you call a health blog ;)

    Happy New Years, J!