A CJ Kind of Year

Howdy Y'all,

Whew, I'm feelin' kind of nostalgic today it being almost New Years and all.  & what's a better cure for fighting nostalgia than taking a trip down memory lane.  Shall we?  (You know you want to)

Well 2010 was as action packed as a year could be (not counting John Cusak's year in his infamous movie 2012).  Both C and J (yes, I'm speaking in third person) experienced ACTION, ADVENTURE, FOOD, & FUN! 

For C 2010 started out with prom & graduation on the brain

J started out the year with exercise and work

(The closest thing I could find to him doing an exercise) :)

Then C came to California with her fam jam (her to stay and her fam to visit) and thus CJ was reunited once more!

CJ had to endure some food pitfalls with C's fam jam to have the healthy food lifestyle they have now!

CJ went on to have awesome adventures in Sequoia, Big Sur, along with exploration of castles, making fires & smoooooresssss!!!

After summer ended C was off to university and J was back working!  CJ found time to catch up on their weekly talks over food...lots and lots of food!

Lots of Pizza Fusion pizza was consumed!  CJ once ate two boxes of Pizza Fusion pizza in one night :O Pizza Fusion is the best pizza C has ever had (well that and Zia's in Normal Heights) but the best health pizza ever!  Thin crusted, perfected with cheese (CJ always choose soy cheese), and lots of vegetarian options.  C loves the "chicken" barbecue pizza and J loves the Farmer's Market pick (veggie packed).

CJ tried out healthy Mexican food at Rancho's Cocina and Barrio Star (pictured above), boy was it delicious!  They healthify their dishes by substituting things such as quinoa in for rice, both restaurants have vegetarian options, and use fresh ingredients.  We love these places!

We also consumed desserts occasionally. Our top picks: for Gelato always go to Chocolat (a CJ hotspot),  for chocolate goodness go to Extraordinary Desserts (beware there is always a line so bring some good conversation with ya), for mediocre desserts with a cool atmosphere, nice staff, and cute decor go to Heaven Sent Desserts.

And finally we also consumed tons of healthified Asian food.  Mostly Thai!  Stay tune for our favorite restaurant picks in an upcoming post :)

In between fabulous eating trips out on the town, CJ being the amazing folks they are managed to cook a Thanksgiving feast for a bunch of peeps from J's work!

 A feast for 20?  No big deal! "We got this."

All in all CJ has had a PHENOMENAL year.  Full of fun, food, friendship, and adventure.  We can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for us!  Have a great Eve of New Year's Eve!


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