A "Scrabble" of Recipes

Today was our first home cooked meal at our place.  I (Connie) have traveled to San Diego to start college in the fall at San Diego State.  From Texas to California, I ended up here.  At Johnny's place, our place no, and yesterday we cooked up a storm.  After spending the day at the airport dropping off my family, to an automotive place getting J's car tuned up, we ended up at home at 7 P.M.  Oh were we starving!  "I AM SO HUNGRY!!!" were the exact words.  We hit up the trusty cookbooks in J's house to make our first meal.  I was in charge of dessert while J was in charge of the entree.  J made roasted acorn squash stuffed with sweet quinoa and veggies.  I ended up making a vegan "black" velvet cake with vegan vanilla sauce for dessert.  All our recipes are vegan.

Summer salad with avocado balsamic vinaigrette.  Recipe courtesy of Spread Restaurant in San Diego.

Roasted acorn squash stuffed with quinoa and veggies.  Recipe courtesy of Real Foods Daily Cookbook.

Vegan "Black" velvet with vegan vanilla sauce.  Recipe courtesy of Babycakes Cookbook.

Such a delicious and wonderful meal to begin my time in San Diego.  We rested after such an amazing meal and played Scrabble. 

C won! :] 247-246.  The Champ is in the house! 

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